1980-88 – Adrian Bekker

I was introduced to Adrian by Patrick Canovi, who played with him in a band called Metallic Sun.

Adrian is the most prolific songwriter I had ever met. He had the list of over 500 originals songs written in tiny script on a small piece of paper and like a jukebox you could read them out and he would play and sing them perfectly. Not only was Adrian into composing tunes and playing guitar; he was seriously into the visual arts and in this pre-digital age, he would use analog VCRs and 4-track Fostex to get pretty good quality video or audio happening. We used to spend many hours jamming and recording new material or laying bass tracks on his existing tunes.

In 1981, I joined Adrian's band called The Shuffler's.

Adrian and I would put produce these crazy videos to our original tunes.


In 1984, Niall Bell and I performing with Adrian's band 'The Tize' at Blouberg Strand Shopping Mall, Cape Town

While Barry Graham visited South Africa, he joined Adrian and myself for a bit of a jam session playing some flute.

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