1987-89 – The Fones

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David Edelstein – guitar & vocals

Steve Fromage – guitar & vocals

Hylton Reiff – bass & vocals

Niall Bell – drums & vocals

Out of all the several bands that I have been a part of, in my opinion The Fones had the most potential of becoming ‘big’. With our unique sound we built up quite a following in Cape Town and packed venues. Unfortunately I had to leave the group when I emigrated to Canada in March 1989 and Adrian Bekker┬áreplaced me on bass until David left for Australia and Steve for England.

The following videos were filmed live on The Parade, Cape Town, South Africa in Summer 1989. Filmed and edited by Adrian Bekker.

Rehearsal time in our studio……………………………

Here are studio recordings on 4-track Portastudio engineered by Adrian Bekker.

The following is a collection of live performances of the Fones in Cape Town in 1988-89.

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