1976-89 – Niall Bell

Niall has been consistent part of my musical path and has been the partner at my side in several musical projects. An awesome drummer, composer and singer, we started out together in 1976 performing in a cover band playing tunes like Steely Dan's 'Night By Night' and various Doobie Brothers songs. Since those early days together we have been the tight and driving rhythm section in Dickie Do & The Dont's, Ear Logic, Secret Level, Fingertips, The People Concert, The Fones and frequently jammed with my other music contemporaries such as Mike Lichtman, Adrian Bekker and David Kibel just to name a few. Niall has been a great friend and 'brother' for many years and we are still in constant contact today.

Here are some songs Niall composed and recorded with Adrian Bekker.


'Weep, South Africa, Weep', an anti-Apartheid song. Adrian Bekker - guitars, Paul Savage - keyboards, Hylton Reiff - bass and Niall on drums and vocals.

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