My Musical Journey, Past to Present


Ever since I was a small child I have held a fascination for music which has been with me throughout my whole life. I have been fortunate enough to have been greatly influenced by various musician friends who have given me inspiration to pursue the creation of sound. There was no fame or fortune derived from this but just great moments in time when the band was 'tight and hot'; the synchronicity of banging, plucking and singing is all that matters.

Throughout many years of playing music, I always insisted on somehow capturing the various rehearsals, jam sessions and performances solely due to the fact that these moments and brilliant improvisations would be lost forever if not recorded either by camera, tape or video machines. Now that I have accumulated this unique and original music archive, this website serves as a portal, sharing this media with those who helped create it. Please note that several of the tunes don't actually have titles as they were never originally given any names.

I dedicate this website to all those who were by my side either rehearsing in basements and garages, recording in studios or performing on stages. Feel free to write your comments or any memorable moments you may have.

About Me


Born and bred in a small city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) on September 28th 1958.

Due to upcoming compulsory army conscription, I emigrated to South Africa in 1976 and lived in Cape Town where I completed my schooling.

In 1978, after working in the optical manufacturing business I decided to try out music as a profession.

Formed and played in various groups in 1978-79 until April 1979 when I packed up and emigrated to Israel. Took me six months to realize that Israel was not for me and left for London, England with my then future wife, Susan. We got married in December 1979 and moved back to settle in Cape Town where we had a son, Aaron in June 1981 but unfortunately got divorced in November 1983.

From 1983 to 1989 I played with several South African bands and musicians until I left South Africa for Canada in April 1989.

Toronto, Canada has been my home ever since.

My Musical Journey


My Instruments & Equipment

My first bass guitar was a KAWAI. It was a great entry-level bass with a short neck. I played it in my first band with Nick Mirbach and Peter Haddow. Unfortunately we didn't have proper amplifiers in those early days and somehow relied on plugging into a stereo amp/receiver with additional speakers attached. At some point I managed to get hold of an old WEM amp and speaker which was quite an improvement.

In Cape Town in 1977 I bought a beautiful pre-CBS 1962 FENDER Jazz Guitar with all original pick-ups, steel covers and hard-case for R100 ($50). This bass guitar travelled with me all over the world until I sold it in Toronto in 1998 for $4000!

For amplification I started with a 120W MARSHALL head with a single 1 x 15" speaker. When I played with Forum in 1978 I added an additional cabinet with 4 x 12" speakers to boost the high end. In London I was using an HH Bass Combo for a short time until I left for Cape Town. I went back to using MARSHALL gear in South Africa.

During my years in Cape Town I managed to accumulate quite a few different instruments. There was a rare red fretless RICKENBAKER bass which was great for the jazzy stuff. Always needed a YAMAHA acoustic guitar knocking around just in case.

In Canada I started out with an AMPEG bass amplifier but I found it too large to move around so I downsized to a PEAVEY combo. Got a 'Black Widow' 15'' speaker built in for extra power.

My bass guitars include an IBANEZ Gio 5-string bass for studio recording and a YAMAHA 4-string bass used mostly for gigs as it's light and inexpensive.

Also have a used FENDER Squire bass guitar (similar to the Jazz Precision) that I bought for $150 including a small Fender Rebel Amp which was included in the price! Just love the colour!

Let's not forget my KORG X5 keyboard; outdated but still works well for composing MIDI.

The latest bass guitar I purchased is from Epiphone called a Toby designed by Michael Tobias.

Tired of lugging around my heavy PEAVEY and compounded with a bad back I decided to buy MESA equipment; expensive but worth every penny. The amp is a MESA D-800 which can drive 800w at 2 ohms through 1 x 12" and 1 x 15" speakers. SERIOUS POWER!!!

Once I started playing bass in various bands, I decided to buy what I had before. A black and white Fender Jazz bass.

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